Why a detailed physical survey is worthwhile

Why a detailed physical survey is worthwhile

When you’re planning to invest time and money into a project there’s some things you shouldn’t skimp on. This includes a physical survey of the site to ensure you have accurate information about the topography, existing structures and services, natural features, boundaries, and other relevant details. 

A physical site survey is an expense upfront that will, without a shadow of a doubt, save you time and money in the long run. Once you have accurate knowledge of the site, this can be provided to your consultants to use as the basis for their designs, whether that be for buildings or other works.

If consultants have correct information, they can adjust the design and ensure it will work with the constraints of the site as they are currently. Outdated or no information leads to designers making assumptions and that can be a problem once you get on site. If something is not as expected changing the completed design will cost you time and money.

Variations made when you are already on site are guaranteed to be more expensive than if you had invested in a survey upfront. Whilst you cannot foresee every issue, you are more likely to capture most of them with a detailed, physical site survey.

Information from councils should not be relied upon as a substitute for a survey as it is not always complete or correct. Usually council expects property owners to provide them with information about where services are located on a site.  Site surveys are also an opportunity to pick up on where existing fences and walls are built relative to the boundary line. There’s always a chance your neighbour could have built over their boundary, which may have flow on impacts for your project.

The Wilkinson Shaw & Associates team provides survey briefs for each of our projects to the surveyor and is happy to provide further information about what’s involved.

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