Victoria’s introduction of registered engineers a timely reminder


Victoria’s introduction of registered engineers a timely reminder

Last month the Victorian Parliament passed the Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 making it compulsory for civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire-safety engineers to be registered in the State. 

Queensland has had a register of engineers in operation since 1930 and helps consumers identify that the person they are appointing is competent and suitably qualified. Until last month, Queensland was the only jurisdiction with a comprehensive and mandatory registration system for engineers. 

You can check if someone is registered by going to the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland and searching the register.

Given the role engineers play in delivering communities it is of the utmost importance they are held to high standards of professionalism to keep people safe. 

Engineers Australia said they hope the introduction of these new laws in Victoria will allow faux engineers to be weeded out and prevented from calling themselves an engineer, and those who do not uphold the highest standards will be subject to greater accountability and penalties.

Wilkinson Shaw & Associates has registered civil engineers with almost 40 years of combined service that can assist with your project. By using a professional engineer you can have confidence they have the required expertise to complete the work. 

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