Remote working is not new to WSA

As engineers we are accustomed to coming up with novel solutions to solve problems. Who would have thought that this time last year we would have had the biggest shift in the way that we work and play in decades and that it would all have occurred in the matter of weeks?

Why a detailed physical survey is worthwhile

When you’re planning to invest time and money into a project there’s some things you shouldn’t skimp on. This includes a physical survey of the site to ensure you have accurate information.

What is a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineers are responsible for the infrastructure that underpins many facets of modern life.

Victoria’s introduction of registered engineers a timely reminder

Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 making it compulsory for civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire-safety engineers to be registered in the State. 

Operational works explained

Operational Works is defined in Queensland’s planning legislation and is work – other than building, plumbing or drainage – that impacts a site. Basically, the term encompasses a wide variety of tasks that will change the land.

Guide to subdividing land

Subdividing land can be a difficult process with many complications and site constraints.

Aerial surveys and imagery

Did you know that Wilkinson Shaw & Associates have the ability to undertake surveys and aerial imagery with our drone? Drones are cutting down surveying times to hours instead of days. While traditional survey will still be required there’s a lot that drones can help with on your project.

Can I subdivide my property? – An engineering perspective

There are numerous factors that determine if a property can be subdivided. Each Council has its own set of rules and regulations (known as a Planning Scheme).

We think before saying yes

The last thing you want to hear as a developer is that your site can’t be developed after you’ve gone unconditional on the purchase contract.

Steps to subdivide a residential property

Are you thinking about subdividing your current property? Or maybe you’ve seen an investment site that has been advertised on a real estate website as a subdivision STCA (Subject To Council Approval).
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