Aerial surveys and imagery

Did you know that Wilkinson Shaw & Associates have the ability to undertake surveys and aerial imagery with our drone?  Drones are cutting down surveying times to hours instead of days.  While traditional survey will still be required there’s a lot that drones can help with on your project.

A few areas that drones are advancing the civil design and construction industry are:

  • Cutting down on times to start conceptual design.  In some instances you can capture some preliminary site levels and have the data available to start conceptual earthworks design within a day.
  • Speeding up site verification of levels.  You no longer have to rely on a surveyor taking shots with a GPS rover and then wait for the data to be processed as drones allow you to quickly survey a site when construction is in full swing.    Once we have flown the site the data is uploaded and processed.  From here we can provide cut/fill volumes and other information such as difference in levels from the final design surface.
  • Verifying progress claims.  Undertaking regular drone surveys can also help contractors and/or the superintendent to verify claims for earthworks quantities and percentage of works completed.
  • Resolving disputes.  As drone survey data provides a visual record of works undertaken it can be used as a tool to help resolve disputes with contractors.

If you are interested in drone surveys of your site please give us a call on (07)3555-9888 to discuss what we can do for you.